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Items Accepted

English or Western, Riding or Driving, Miniature to Draft, if it has anything to do with horses, we would love to try to sell it for you!

    *Saddles                                *Horse Blankets & Sheets
    *Bridles                                  *Coolers   
    *Halters & Leads                   *Harnesses 
    *Hats & Helmets                    *Saddle Racks
    *Tack Boxes                           *Barn Supplies
    *Saddle Pads                         *Buckets & Troughs
    *Saddle Bags                         *Stall Mats
    *Show Clothing                      *Bagged Shavings
    *Gloves                                  *Feed
    *Boots                                    *Books
    *Bits                                       *Magazines
    *Spurs                                    *Videos 
    *Riding Clothing                     *Games 
    *Coats                                    *Breyers & Statues 
    *Jeans                                    *Art Work
    *Chaps                                   *Lunging Equipment
    *Equine Gifts                          *Wagons & Carts
    *Pottery                                  *Horse Trailers
    *Jewelry                                 *Toys  
    *Medical Supplies                  *Antiques & Collectibles
    *Health Products                             etc, etc, etc..........
    *Leg Boots & Wraps
    *Fencing & Gates
    *Whips & Crops
     *Breeding & Foaling Supplies 

We also welcome all other animal supplies such as dog beds, crates, rabbit hutches, training collars, cat toys, feed bowls, dog coats, books, etc.   

Special sections include:
Children's- English & Western clothing plus a section for toys & games.
Mens English- always a popular area, please bring men's hunt attire if you have any
Casual Wear- includes t-shirts & items you would wear around town regardless of your riding style & discipline.  
Horsey Holiday- Ornaments, stockings, etc
Mini & Pony
Barn Decor- items to decorate the barn like old bits, fun signs, antiques

Tack & feed stores, 4-H groups, riding camps, and any other business or group are encouraged to bring their items.  This is a good way to represent your organization.  Many items can be consigned & sold to earn money as a fund raiser for your group.

For larger items such as driving carts or wagons, please let us know so we can reserve space.

Horse trailers, ATVs, trucks and tractors for sale can be parked outside for only $25!   No commission fee.   All transactions on these trailers and vehicles are between the seller and buyer.   Please let us know if you plan on bringing something so we can reserve your spot.