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Tagging Tips

*Saddles- attach tags to left side on hardware hook.  Do not place on horn.   If the saddle you are consigning has a serial number, please include it in the description when you are creating your tags.   Most higher end saddles will have one stamped in the leather.   They are often under the flaps or on the underside and tend to have five or more numbers or number/letter combinations.   Not all saddles will have serial numbers.   Whether or not your saddle has one, please make your description as accurate as possible with color, brand, model, etc. 
*Books & Videos- use masking tape around edges of tag to avoid tearing original cover of book.   If using barcoded tags, do not tape over barcode.   Tape tag on back cover.
*Boots- secure a tag on the left boot.  
*Clothing- attach tags to front belt loops or buttonholes using zipties.  The size tag at the neck or waist may work as well, but the tag should be  easily visible.  If a suitable place to attach a ziptie cannot be found, a safety pin can be used.  Clothing must be on hangers.  Please hang your items so the hanger is facing to the left or in the shape of a question mark.  
*Sets or Multiple Items-  attach a single tag to the main item.  For all other other items being sold for one price as a set, use a handwritten tag with your consignor number, item number, & brief description only.   For example: on a Western saddle outfit complete with the bridle, the main tag would be hung on the left side of the saddle.  A handwritten tag with just the consignor number and item number (ie MS2367-7) and "Matching Bridle" would be attached to the bridle.  This allows us to keep sets together.
*Bits- these are securely hung on a display rack.  Bits do not need to be in plastic bags.  To measure a bit, measure only the part that will fit in the horse's mouth.  This is generally the inside corner of the shank or ring to the inside corner on the other side.  The majority of horse bits are 5" followed by 4 3/4" and 5 1/4".  Bits can range in size from 3"-7" with standard 1/4" increments.
*Blankets & Sheets- attach the tag to the front buckles if available.  Side buckles also work well.  Blankets are measured from the center of the chest to the center of the tail.
*Cleaning Tips-  Please take a little extra time to clean your items, especially saddle pads and horse blankets.  The cleaner it is, the better it will sell.  Many coin laundromats have oversized washers.  After washing, allow it to dry over a fence at the barn.  A power washer, car wash, or even a fence rail with a good rain storm also do well for cleaning, at least for the worst filth.  For odors, including barn cat, wash your items with a couple cups of white vinegar.  It does wonders at eliminating smells!  Then you can adjust your price and hopefully sell it for more.  The Equestrian Exchange does reserve the right to reject extremely dirty items or pull them until the last day and/or consult the consignor.  
*Pricing- Please understand that the Equestrian Exchange is NOT responsible for price decisions about your item, nor will we negotiate and call you with any "Make Offer".  The purpose of the discount price coding is to allow us to know your price intentions on the last sale day. For handwritten tags, put the letters "ND" (for no discount) directly behind your price if you do not want your item's price changed and discounted on the last day.  Equestrian Exchange will not price barter.
*Reinforcing- Place clear packing tape (the type used to close boxes- not regular Scotch tape) over your tag before punching and attaching it with a zip tie.   This works best for helping keep tags secure.
*If you have any questions about tagging and pricing, please 

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