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Barcode Tagging
*Fall Registration is Now Open*

If you are unable to tag using your computer system, please refer to the handwritten tagging page.  

**If you have items already tagged from a previous sale (i.e. Spring 2024), items can be easily transferred.  No need to retag.**

                  Click here to start tagging:

IMPORTANT!  All bar code tags must be entered by Monday August 26th at 8pm since the computer system locks down at that time in preparation for check-in. 

Note: We do not take appointments for check-in.   Check-In is first come-first serve during Drop Off on Tuesday & Wednesday.  

Benefits of Using Online Barcode Tagging:
*You will be able to track your sales during the event!  Each night you can see what has sold.  Inventory will be downloaded by midnight each night of the sale.
*By knowing what has sold, you may be able to save yourself a trip by skipping pick-up at the end of the sale.   You will know exactly what you will need to pick-up.  For example, if you brought 20 items & everything sells except a $2.00 brush, you will know ahead of time and may choose to donate it instead of attending pick-up. 
*No need to hand write a separate inventory list.  The computer will produce one for you, saving you time.
*Easy to electronically transfer unsold items from a previous sale to a new sale without having to re-enter or re-tag  items. 

Fall Sale
Aug 29 - Sept 2, 2024
NC State Fairgrounds
Holshouser Building
Raleigh, NC 

Consignor Drop Off
Tues Aug 27 11am-9pm  
Wed Aug 28  10am-2pm

Premier Shopping Night
$10 Cash Admission
Open to the Public
Thurs Aug 29  5pm-10pm

Open Shopping
Free Admission
Fri Aug 30  10am-10pm
Sat Aug 31  10am-10pm
Sun Sept 1  10am-10pm
* Mon Sept 2  11am-7pm
*many items 1/2 off on last day

Consignor Pick-Up
Wed Sept 4  1:30pm-9:30pm

Items Needed for Tagging:
*White Cardstock or Business Card Paper (approx. 65/67 lb). Available at Walmart or at Office Supply Stores.  If you only need a couple pieces, Staples & OfficeMax sell single sheets in their copy centers.    Please DO NOT use colored card stock unless instructed to do so- colored paper is reserved for high volume consignors to assist with sorting.
*Zipties/ Cable Ties .  These can be found at Lowes, Home Depot, or Walmart in their electrical departments.  The Dollar Stores also usually stock them.  These keep your tags securely on your items.
*Clear Packing Tape for Hole Reinforcement
*Masking or Blue Painters Tape for Books
*Hole Punch

Tagging Instructions:
*Register first.  Use the Register & Tag link at the top or bottom of the page.  Your consignor number is your first and last initials and the last 4 digits of your phone number (ie Mary Smith at 555-2367 would be MS2367).   Please also register on the Registration page of our website using the link above (this registration gives us additional needed information about who is dropping off/ picking up, etc).
*Enter Your Items
*Designate the price.
*Check the discount box if you want your item discounted on the last day.  On the last day of the sale, items can be reduced by 50%.  We do not negotiate prices and prices are not reduced for any reason until the last day.  If you do not want your items discounted, do not check the discount box.  If you do not check the discount box, the letters ND (for No Discount) will automatically be printed to the right of the price on your tag.  All tags without the letters ND will be reduced by 50% on the last day of the sale.
*Check the donate box for items you wish to donate if they are not sold during the duration of the sale.  A large letter X will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the tag if you choose this option.  Items with a X will not be available during pick-up if you change your mind.  If you are unsure whether or not you want to donate an item, do not mark the box- you can always choose to donate items during pick-up.
*Choose the size that best describes your item. Not applicable and See description are options if you do not see your size listed.
*Provide a description of the item.   There are two lines available to enter information about the item.  Please include color and brand if applicable.  Also include tree widths on saddles.  The more detailed the description, the better it will sell.  Noting "New" or "Used Once" or other information is helpful.  Detailed descriptions also help us reattach loose tags to the correct item so they can be sold. 
*Choose a category for your item.  This will will allow us to determine how much room we need to allocate for certain items coming to the sale.  If your item does not fit into one of the categories provided, choose "Miscellaneous".
*If you have multiples of the same item (ex: 6 red buckets), you can use the power tagger button to create numerous tags at once.
*Print your tags.  Use only WHITE cardstock paper unless directed otherwise (consignors with over 250 items, please contact us).  In order for your items to be sorted correctly, the color of the paper is very important.  It is best to print in draft or fast draft mode.

Once your tags have been printed, they will need to be reinforced.  We recommend using clear packing tape over the area marked on the printed tag.  DO NOT tape over the barcode. Attach the tag using a ziptie/ cable tie.  Please see tagging tips for suggestions on securing the tag to the item. 

Please bring an inventory list of your items to the sale at drop-off.  You can easily print your inventory by going to Event Navigation (may need to pull down from top right corner), Inventory Report, Print.   An inventory list is strongly recommended but not required if you cannot get it to print.   

​                                                    Click Here to Tag:  

(Note: Even if you have registered on the Equestrian Exchange website or sold with us in the past, if you have never printed bar code tags before, you will need to register as a NEW Seller)
Previous Consignors Only:  If you used the bar code system for a previous sale (ie Raleigh Fall 2023) and wish to bring any unsold items to the current sale, you do not need to retag them.   You can use the same tags but you must transfer them from the previous sale to the current sale.  Enter the bar code system by clicking Register & Tag above.  Sign-In and choose Item Transfer (can also be found under Event Navigation- Item Transfer using the top right box).  Select the Previous sale.  Check the box in the far left hand column for each item you want to transfer.   Hit the Transfer Items Now button.   This will let the computer system know that these items will be at the current sale and they will be listed on your inventory.

IMPORTANT!  The actual tag that is attached to your item & is scanned at our register determines the price you are paid.  If you change a price, please be sure to reprint the tag and attach it to your item before drop-off.   Prices and any applicable discounts listed on tags are binding. 
       You do not need to enter all or items at once or print them immediately.   As soon as you enter the item into the bar code system and hit enter, it is saved.   You can view your items in Manage Inventory.
All bar code tags must be entered by Monday March 18th at 8pm.   You can still print tags that were entered previously, but you cannot add or edit items.  If you find a few last minute items that you were unable to bar code, please bring them and tag them using the hand tagging instructions.

Please print and bring the completed consignor information form to drop off, especially if you are dropping off for another consignor.   This is not required, but it does make drop off smoother.

                        Click Here to Print Consignor Info Drop Off Form: